I want a marriage like this.


why is this so hard for people to understand

—Anonymous: why can't women own up to anything? if you put your nudes out there, its your fault. stop blaming other people. this whole "rape culture" shit has nothing to do with her putting her nudes out there. she made the decision to take naked photos of herself, she sent them and now they're on the internet. she even made a statement owning up to it and has nothing wrong with it. not everyone is a pretentious douche like you.


Did you actually read the article by Clementine Ford?  If so, did any of it sink in because your attitude was aptly described in it. 

Yes, she and they “made the decision to take naked photos of herself”. It’s called having ownership of your own body. That’s what Jennifer Lawrence is owning up to. 

What is not ok, and is a travesty and a crime, is that she and everyone else who’s photos were stolen NEVER meant those photos to be seen by you, me or anyone else. They are intimate photos taken for a loved one or sexual partner. 

What you are essentially doing is victim blaming ie they asked for it. And that is where the correlation between this and rape culture comes into play. It’s exactly the same attitude.

And it’s gutless, anonymous assholes like you that keep perpetuating it. Without even the cojones to put your blog name to it. Shame on you. Name calling me doesn’t effect me in the slightest. It only shines a light on you and your reprehensible attitude.

Have a nice day now, won’t you?


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Steve doesn’t talk about Peggy with anyone. His whole life belongs to serving others but this, his heart belongs to Peggy.

As he grows closer with his friendship with Natasha he begins to talk about Peggy a little, just obscure little details and then finally he tells…

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They wanted Erik to be younger and they were worried that he was too old. And poor Michael came in for the audition and he had this huge, ridiculous mustache. He looked 45. And he did this audition and it was amazing. I just knew he was right, he was so charismatic. 

Matthew Vaughn on Michael Fassbender audition for XMFC

Captain America: The Winter Soldier closing credits